Feedback on Medieval Type House

Hey, it’s my first time posting on the devforum in quite a few years.
I just wanted some feedback on this little medieval house I made, I’m going for more of a simplistic looking style considering I dont want my game to lag.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!


WOW! That’s really good! The light in the window adds a great touch!

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I like the build. The style is great! The roof material is the thing that’ looks odd in my opinion.

You could perhaps could place items underneath the stair case something that you’ll see around normal houses int he real world something like tools, chairs, wood other objects - barrels. I’d personally like the color and small details you added to the house always include something whether it be wooden boxes, wall lights It doesn’t need much.

Other than that it looks good you accomplished the shape and structure I’ll give you props for that!

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Looks good however the tools placed on the wall looks a little out of place there normally placed on the ground or against the house looking at reference image could help you find where to place different objects at whether it be tools, materials, lighting, or shape.

Most of the medieval houses in irl or in images the tools are always on the floor are placed underneath a cover roof. Placing - adding different tools would go along way it’ll make it realistic and make it look less empty while also keeping it open and enough space to get though for players. Overall, good progress and I like the way it’s looking! It just needs some refining here and there:

(Build by @Crashee just for an example on what I’m talking about if your having a hard time understanding)


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll take that in consideration and try to do so in my future builds! :smile:


This is AWESOME! I especially love the stairs leading up to the door, not sure why but I feel it really completes the look. Well done!

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Hey! I love this build, a few months back I made a medieval home with the style just like this! I can say that this is a fantastic style and build. You have outdone your self!

I personally think that this build is perfect and I have no complaints or suggestions!

Happy Building!

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The work you have done on this building of the Medieval House is already stunning, however if you’re looking to improve the development on it.

Might I recommend pushing the top layered walls [the ones in concrete] maybe .05 or .1 Studs back so it’s behind the wooden framing.

If this was was to replicate a Medical Style House I feel like the depth from the walls and the structuring of the frame could elevate it.

But apart from that, your work on this house looks really good.
Tom Haywood

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