Feedback on Menu GUI

Hi, I’d like some feedback on this Menu GUI I’m creating.


This is what you’d see when you first open the menu.

When you open the shop menu, you’ll first see the Featured menu, but you can also see the other menus (which aren’t made yet). I used random decals as the placeholders for the images.

This is the social media menu.

And finally, the updates menu.


Here’s the default icon for any shop items (The border-color changes depending on the value).

I haven’t shown the Inventory and Settings menu. The reasoning being is that I still need to work on them both. Also, I’m planning on adding a setting in which you can choose the theme of the menu, we’ll see how that’ll turn out. Thanks!


Looks great, keep up the good work buddy!

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My god that looks amazing!! Good job

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Look awesome! Keep up the work!

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