Feedback on menu

Ok, my last feedback thread was trash, now I will accept every feedback, why? Because I’m YES.

Ok, the image quality sucks, and what I’m doing is a menu for my game:

To take an idea, the menu is not a GUI, it’s just frames in a big computer:

I need feedback and that stuff, thanks for reading snnsmdkdkdmdkdk


Hello! Personally I think the menu looks great. There’s a couple things I would add. Firstly I would possibly add a background/ texture to the background of the menu to add more detail. Secondly I would change the colors / images of each of them (more specifically the yellow and green which don’t clash together that well). Apart from that I like it a lot!
(P.s you can improve the quality of the photos by screen shotting them.
For Mac to screen shot it’s “shift + command + 4” (or 3 for full screen) and for windows its “windows + shift + s”)

Thanks for the feedback!

There is an actual background, just it cannot be noticed very well, since is like blurred (Using neon)

And I didnt know that shortcut to screenshot omg thx

Pretty good. This is BETA, so does that mean the menu will be updated even more, right?

Yes .exe.30charsimcool4u.exe

Looks good overall, I like the style you’re going for. I do think there’s too much space between the top Testing Server button and the bottom two. Also, you should put something in the background to eliminate the white space. Maybe a scene from the game? Camera interpolation?

For the future, I would recommend using the Snipping Tool to make the image quality better. I can’t exactly tell, but it looked like you used your phone to take a picture of the screen. If you’re on a windows device, type “Snipping Tool” into the search function and you can use that to copy the pixels on your screen and choose how big your screenshot will be.

Thanks for the feedback, and yeah, it’s a photo taken from my phone, I don’t have internet on my PC :cry:

Personally everything is super nice but i think you could make the menu background different its just too simple in my opinion.