Feedback on midnight sky made in blender (anime)

I recently made this sky in blender eevee, took an insane amount of nodes to make. Made it in 45 mins, really proud of it.



Holy wow that’s amazing, please make it public :happy4:


Looks extremely awesome. looks like an anime sky, keep it up!


Looks pretty good, but it seems like it would be better for a background, I don’t think this would fit well for a Roblox game because the style doesn’t correspond with most Roblox games.

I love it!
The clouds look a little unrealistic but that’s just how Anime works

I mean it would work well with an adventure kind of game but you just need to make a lot of makeup for it. although. I don’t see why it wouldn’t fit for a Roblox game.

Looks great. When’s it coming out lol?

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