Feedback on mini bar


I am new to building on roblox and this is my first build! I would like some feedback as I want to improve my building skills.

bar.rbxl (119.4 KB)

(Also, I feel like adding more decorations in the build as well)


Not related to the build but here’s a tip when posting to the forum, if possible, try taking screenshots and uploading them via the “Upload” button. There should be an in-depth tutorial on doing that, it’s been a while since I made a post on devforum.


Looks fairly decent, however, I would tone down the lighting a bit! Your building is pretty good, best of luck :smiley:!

For anyone wondering, heres a picture of it:


the relative proportions look a bit werid, the textures are too much imo, if it is an vibe bar i suggest turn down the brightness, other than that its good

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@VGVC2 i see thanks for the tip

@CentreWorks Thanks!

@foxnoobkite thank you

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