Feedback On Mini-Workspace

(This is my first topic I’m creating, please tell me if I’m doing anything wrong, thanks!)
Hello DevForum!
Recently I just finished a room, and I’m looking for some feedback on it! The room is basically a small low poly workspace; it can also be a small meeting room.
What do you guys think of it? If you have any feedback, please let me know!
(Pictures have been updated!)

Pictures (UPDATED)

I have finished making new and better seats, but I am still working on creating new keyboards and computer PCs. Thank you all for the support!



This looks great! However the chairs Don’t have as much detail as the rest of it do. I would fix that up. Maybe add some buttons to the keyboards?

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That looks great, as another person has said. You could possibly add better lighting, and even add beams from the light.

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Oh, yes! I didn’t notice that! I actually copied and pasted this room into a blank baseplate so it would be better to see! I’ll update it now…

It was actually for optimization purposes that I didn’t put the keyboard there, but I’ll try creating one in Blender. I will also replace the chair model (it may take a while since I’m just a beginner at Blender).
Thanks for the feedback, though!


No Problem! For the keyboard You could just scale a part down and duplicate it. That is what I usually do unless I want realism.

I think the lighting should also be a little better… I am still messing around with it.

Looks good. Can do more with the chairs, but amazing!

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Looks great, but the chairs should look as modern and comfortable as the rest of everything. Also, the desks have 0 leg room and look more like counters. The computers are also missing the computer part and they are just monitors. The large screens are fine in this respect because the computer would be hidden in the bench-looking outcrop underneath them, but the monitors need to be connected to a pc.

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