Feedback on mobile UI

Random UI for a mobile platformer-type game. I wanted to create something up-to-date with my current skills to update my portfolio, and I recently got Photoshop and wanted to try something out on that. Feedback is appreciated, how could I improve this?


Maybe try moving the two buttons slightly further apart to make them easier to press?

This is very well done, however I would decrease the transparency for the button icons as it is tougher to notice them than it is usually for other games. Decrease that number and you’ll be absolutely fine on my terms.

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This isn’t actually how it would look in a game, just kind of showing off my design skills.

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Ok, it’s nice but i would just do what @ZurichBT said about decreasing the transparency then you’d be good! I thought you meant you had designed the icons in photoshop and put them into a game

Looks good! Don’t think there is no need for any feedback! Keep up the good work!

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