Feedback on modern kitchen [UNFURNISHED]

I have been working on this build for over a month ( I am an extremely slow builder).
This is my first build in a while, about 4 or 5 months.
I have just finished the unfurnished kitchen part which includes a wine cabinet, an island, and the cabinet/counter part.

The build

From outside ▲

Island with sink, drainboard thing, and ugly modern faucet ▲

Wine cabinet with window and grass patch in back (I am planning to add lots of plants to the back part)▲

Cabinet, oven, counter, and stovetop portion (The gap on top is for led strip- style lights)▲

Gas stovetop▲

Cabinet oven ▲

Whole view ▲

This entire build (not just the kitchen) was inspired by @EGOTISICS’s “Vibesser 1” build. Although this build is just barely reminiscent of it at this point :crazy_face:

The lighting might look off, as I have just randomly placed pointlights within the interior so I can see.

If you need to see more of something at a different angle, just ask and I’ll provide screenshots.

Thanks for reading :muscle: :eye: :lips: :eye: :nail_care:


I love that build, I’m not really a builder so I can’t really give good criticism. I just love how it looks so far though. For your little lighting problem, I’ve found this project SO helpful when working with dark places. Development/In-Game Lighting toggle plugin
It basically brightens up studio when you activate it while keeping the lighting for your game intact.



Anyways your built looks really nice and detailed. :+1:
I have no feedback on your build since I’m not that good. :sweat_smile: Well I just think so.

That series of emojis meant to exclaim that i am excited/ happy, while strong and unbothered by the haters at the same time.

:eyes: :sweat_drops:
:lips: :ok_hand:

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This is a nice build, the colors give it a cozy feel and the matching cabinets. The only thing I would do is move the wine cabinet since it doesn’t really fit there, that’s just me. :+1:

Thanks! It was originally supposed to be a little alcove for a table or some shelfs, but I found nothing else would fit there besides a wine cabinet lol.