Feedback on Monetization methods

So I am making a game and wanted to go ahead and make the store (sense I have most of the game down and am ready to implement monetization methods. I have a few in mind and have currently finished one also, please tell me what you think:

Currently Done Methods:

Ideas For Methods

  1. Corgi Costume

You get to wear the costume of the mascot, Corgi Hotdog!

  1. Coins

Coins that can be used to get custom emotes, access to BETA features, and maybe even cool pets that follow you! They can be collected from logging in daily, playing for a bit (one coin per minute), and of course via the shop. They provide only cosmetic advantage and encourage playtime without rubbing it in peoples faces.

3 Donation Board

The donation board isn’t noticeable when you walk in, so you have to actually do something at the place before donating, then on your way out you will see it and be more optimistic about donating (sense you know what your donating to)


We are trying to have a lay-back monetization strategy. For example, the Game Pass “Buy” Areas don’t ruin the experience. We have one that is located in the back along with a “Game Pass Shop” Icon available in the coin shop. (Instead of using multiple shop UI and clogging the screen, one button with Game Pass shop, Coin Shop, and Daily Rewards all available on tabs in one (First appearing being the Game Pass shop however others have buttons to get to them within the UI). Inventory is a Backpack icon that shows all your emotes and cosmetics you have collected in an easy to use environment. It also shows other things like the coin amount you have and a “+” icon to navigate to the store. The emotes are stored in a menu on the side also. 3 Menus that are needed for the game monetization and one needed to give player’s food. Keeping the screen clean of unnecessary distractions from gameplay.


I recommend you to not put these boards everywhere.

Your monetization method is pretty good as long as it doesn’t give players a big advantage if they pay robux and advertisment is not everywhere.

Just don’t make it like My Restaurant (pay to win)

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There is just a room filled with them known as “Store” which doesn’t get in the way. Sorry if i didn’t state that properly.

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The monetization system itself is mostly a very good one, it gives you a vague reason to buy things without affecting the gameplay, 8/10, Personal opinion + Reasons to buy the products

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Donations are not worth including at all. The donation is easily the least profitable in-game purchase. The amount is so miniscule that it looks like a tiny pixel when plotted against other purchases. Any space dedicated to donations would be better spent on something else. Furthermore, (and I don’t have concrete evidence for this next claim so take it with a grain of salt) donations are the worst of both worlds in terms of optics: creator can be accused of being greedy by free players, and be accused of not providing good value from paying players.

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I have never been accused and also

My friend made 31,000 Robux off of a game with just a donation board and then got headless.

That is true, however that is one of my highest earning points at the moment and has outstood the test of time pretty well.

Also the one I use has a dancing avatar of the top donator helping to excite people about doing donations.