Feedback on Mosin Nagant 91/30

I have, for fun, been modeling a Mosin Nagant 91/30 for the past week or so, and I’m proud so far. I’m not finished yet, but I would like some feedback to help improve my models. This is my first model of a firearm, so naturally I am going to be new to the whole design aspect of it. Here is a link to the game, which I keep updated so I can see performance and looks of the model in Roblox itself: Test - Roblox

The guns stock is not started yet, and I still have to finish the mechanism and beveling on the front, but other than that it is mostly done. I also did not add an inside part of the barrel or bother beveling the front of the scope because nobody would see it and for performance.

I know people don’t like to give many angles but I’m not a fan of that:

This photo shows my progress as well.

Critique all you want, as I want to make this model look very nice and improve my later work.


Idea, extrude and scale a hole in the barrel, then make a black cylinder and shove it in there! Just an idea.

Thank you for the suggestion, but if I am going to make a barrel I want to do it right and use a boolean.

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I think it would look cool if you made the back a bit longer and gave it a bit more shape. I think it would just make the gun look more appealing.

I have not started the stock. That part will be completed later. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

Oh, my bad. I should have read more carefully. Sorry.