Feedback on Mushroom theme map

Hello,so recently I just made a mushroom theme map. Here take a look on it.
Any Improvements that needs to?

If anyone wonder
I just started building like 4 months ago and I think I made some progressive.

If you wanna see the full view build, Here

  • The map is amazing!
  • The map is good
  • The map is kinda okay
  • The map is TRASH (Explain)

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Thank You For Your Feedback


Your map is looking good but one thing.
Instead of placing those rocks on the surface, you can just add those white circle spots in all the surfaces, that makes your map even more better.
Other things looks amazing in your map !

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And add some water below the bridge, in the gaps.

Thank you very much. I will try to change that later :+1: :+1:

Along with what @gfdhfdhhfhfhhf said, maybe add some sort of perimeter? So it’s not just the baseplate outside of the map. Doesn’t have to be walls. You can get creative. Maybe make it an island? That part is up to you. But I just think you should add a perimeter. Other than that though it’s really good!

Thank you for your feedback and what do you mean by perimeter? math?

No. Something around the map. An example would be a wall around the map (though honestly walls are overused). Maybe you could add water around the map to make it seem like an island. And to sell the island look a little more add sand around the edge of the island as well. Doesn’t have to be any of those. You can get creative!

Oh I see. Anyways, thank you I will try to improve the map a bit :wink:

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Glad to help! :grin: