Feedback on Music for a Relaxed Game

:wave: Hello!

I’m currently working on a “Find The ___” type game.
I’ve been working on the music for a while and would appreciate some feedback.

Here are some of my current themes + an image of where they will be used:


Honeycomb Cave

Cat Café

Any honest feedback would be greatly appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:



What I Liked:

  • I love the idea man!

  • The background melody is cool

  • The song arrangement is nice too!

What You Should Improve:

  • I don’t know, but that clarinet or the main melody is too repetitive. I think you should remove it, or add a variation. It would sound great without it.

  • Also, the whole song is kind of repetitive. Try adding different variations of melodies and instruments. Trust me, it will sound better.

  • Change your drums. Maybe more acoustic type. Like an acoustic kick and rim, and a better hi-hat. The drums need to be powerful too since there is a groove to this track.

OVERALL GREAT TRACK! Sorry if my feedback is too harsh.

Il give feedback on the others when I have time.


Honeycomb Cave

Same feedback as last track.
Here, use one of my old tracks for reference. (It’s repetitive, don’t do that lol.)


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Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:
I didn’t think about how much this track needed more drums, and that’s something I will work on.
I already tried adding variations with the clarinet melody, but I’ll mess around with it more.

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Cat Cafe

That’s sick!
The meows are funny!
Try making the song jazzier. The background bass and drums are jazzy. The instrument choice is not though. Probably learn the jazz scales and make melodies off of that, it is pretty easy, trust me. If I suck at music, and you make something like this, you can do WAY better than me. Keep at it though!

I can help you make that track :wink:

Tbh, its really just the snare, but np!

I don’t say this much but I really like the music and the art. Honeycomb caves gives me Minecraft vibes, brilliant.


This reminds me a little of Subnautica, at least the start. Like something that would play while a leviathan chases you.