Feedback on music

i havnt made anything in a while but i was screwing around in fl studio and thought this sounded neat.
i can see this being played at some random tycoon


The song doesnt seem to build to any climate, it just flat the whole way through and that can very tiring to listen for a long time. Fix that with dynamics, instrumentation, have a clear indication to different parts or chords changes. You can go creative with it, above is just some ways you can go about achieving better results.


This music is alright, it’s pretty basic and bland even with all of the sounds and effects. I don’t think it would be used in a tycoon, it would probably be used in a fun/play game.

Making game music isn’t easy, but props to you for diving in!

Here are some ideas for you:

  1. Use different instruments for the melody and bass part
  2. Add a drum beat or other percussion to the mix
  3. Add sound effects or risers (they sound like white noise the crescendos or decrescendos) leading up to the beginning of a phrase