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Hello, My name is DevNetCheese I have been making since I was 15 I am 17 now.

So, I made some music for a group and well I made the YouTube one with a different app then the soundcloud one I want to know which one you like best.




I more like the song you uploaded to youtube! 10/10 :+1:

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I really like the YouTube one. Gives me a sports warmup vibe, could totally see this being played in a sports venue.

Nonetheless, great job on both of them!

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I definitely prefer the one uploaded on YouTube. It has a nice tempo, isn’t dragged out and overall is more captivating.

The soundcloud one is still to a decent level, yet the first 45 seconds (in my personal perception) sounds like a few seconds repeated over and over again apart from the occasional higher note or base. I’d personally reduce the previously mentioned audio sector to around 10-15 seconds, so it isn’t as monotonous as it seems at first.

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@CaIuum @Conejin_Alt @d_ylan Thanks for the feedback so far ya to be for real I really liked the YouTube I made I just wanted to make sure that everyone else thought the same thing. I made the soundcloud one with a different app then the YouTube one so it looks like I need to keep working on the Youtube one for now. :wink: Thanks for the feedback again.


The first track was actually pretty good. At 0:50, you could use a better transition there. I actually really like that snare one shot sample you used. If you can, send me a link to download it lol. At 1:15, your drums are in normal 4/4 time. But at 1:17, they just switch over to half time and there’s no indication of a change. It’s just like “Oh, so the drums change but it’s the same melody.” Speaking of melodies, don’t use the same brass melody through the whole song. Change it up. The listener gets tired of just hearing the same notes over and over again. At 1:25 it seems like you’re building up to something, but what is it? You have a 4 bar build up but only to result in a pad and the same drum beat. Also, you could use a better transition when the vocals come in at the end. Other than that, your sub bass is good. You used a lot of drum fills which is usually something people forget, and the sounds were leveled out well.

Now, time for the second song. The cello sound is actually super realistic. That’s the kind of quality many people want, but can’t seem to make. When the bells and everything come in, it feels super subtle. Change up your melody on the bell though. Like I said, people get tired of hearing the same melody over and over again. While I’m writing this, I’m at 1:20. From this point on, the whole track seems super repetitive. Change it up a bit. Just don’t make it so repetitive.

I have to say, I’m a bit impressed that this was made on GarageBand. Idk if it was the iOS version or the Mac version, but it sounded pretty good. It’s hard to get that sort of sound in the program.

Hope this helps!

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@Chordily Woah thanks so much for this and

It was made on the iOS version.

For the change of my melody I try not to change it most because it might sound messed up and not how I want it to sound but I will try to change it up. Mostly because, these are for a game on roblox so I really try not to change it. But thank you so much.

No problem! I get where you’re coming from with the melody thing. I actually used to do that lol. When I sent a song for feedback to my mentors (when I first started) this was always the issue lol. But damn, the iOS version. That takes skill.

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