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Hi, am back again :stuck_out_tongue: got some music for y’all that I need some feedback on.
So I was talked to make someone a scary/happy intro I wanted to know which one works best? Which one is made with GarageBand the iOS version.

For reference, I’ve been producing for 3 years, a musician for the better part of 15, and have several years of college as a music student.

In my opinion:

I don’t think the second tune fits very well as a video game track, but honestly most of that is left up to preference. For that reason, I focused on the first track.

The melody line is great. I have no complaints, it stays in the key and drives the rhythm.

Some critiques:
Your samples are really bad imo. What I mean by that is they don’t fit the timbre set by the melody line. The sub bass and clap are the most egregious. I don’t think you really need to change any part of the midi on them, just found a better sound. For the sub bass I would recommend an 808 since it sounds to me like you were shooting for a hip-hop style. The clap just sounds robotic right now so anything more natural would be an improvement.

I would also turn down the hat, and probably use less fills. The hat should just be a background presence, particularly when you have a strong rhythm in the melody, as you do here. Secondly, using fills seemingly every measure takes away from the effect. If used more sparingly, they can help drive a transition or bring interest to an otherwise repetitive line in the track.

Finally, the little electronic arp that comes into the background at around :45 seconds is very out of place to me. Up until that point you’ve established a pretty solid base for a dark hip hop beat. The weird happy tune that the arp makes is so out of place it almost sounds out of key to me. I’m not 100% sure if it actually is out of key, but because of how the notes are articulated it sounds like a major-key melody in an otherwise minor-key track. In short, I hate it.

Hope this helps, but it’s important to remember that for the most part music is subjective and you should do what you think sounds good.


In the first song, your clap and hi-hat samples definitely take over the song. By that, I mean with volume. You can barely hear the kick. I’d make those 2 samples lower.

As far as your sub and melody go, it gets repetitive. Switch it up a bit. At the end when the hi-hat has a new rhythm, that would be a good time to break down your melody. Sort of like a bridge.

In your second song, once again the hi-hat volume could definitely be lowered. I like how you automated the hi-hat’s pitch.

When your arp comes in, ease it in. When it hits, it’s like “oh ok so that’s new.” Ease into the arp. You could automate the volume. To go from low to the level you had.

Now I think a big thing for you to work on is repetitive melodies. Make a track for fun, and do your absolute best to use different melodies throughout the song. Then, listen to your previous stuff. See which one you prefer.

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What do you mean by found a better sound?

I made it like that so it wouldn’t be so loud if I up it by a little bit more or so it would of have taken over the whole thing that’s.

But another than that thanks for the feedback I hope you have a great day. :123:

Typo. Meant to say “find a better sound.”