Feedback on Music

I’d like some feedback on my work. I’m fairly new to composing; I’ve only created about five other projects prior to this one. This song is a melody that would most likely be used when fighting a boss or going through a tough stage in a game. For context, imagine being near the end of a story game, and you are greeted by a mini-boss.

Any feedback on this is very appreciated.

(also sorry that this is in a video i literally don’t know how to put it in a sound so it’s in video form, sorry.)


You can export by pressing the icon that looks like a floppy disc on top of an audio symbol:
It’s at the very top right, left of the speech bubble icon

Very top right!

Anyway, for your 5th track, it sounds nice! Here’s some major things that jumped out at me:

  • The kick is not in tune. That kick that you’re using has a noticeable pitch (I think G?) and your song is in C. It would sound a lot better if the kick was tuned to C or had no noticeable pitch.

  • Mixing:

    • 0:16 - The bass guitar and what sounds like an 808 clash with each other a lot. Maybe don’t layer them on each other, or play one of them at a higher octave.

    • 0:16 - Severe clipping. Put very basically, this means if audio is too loud, it will distort. You can fix this in multiple ways, like just lowering the volume of some sounds or using a limiter or compressor which automatically manages or reduces the volume of the audio.

These are some things that I would recommend looking into. Sorry if I couldn’t explain them in more detail. Keep up the good work!


thanks so much! i’ll try your advice to see if it sounds any better, but thanks for the feedback!


The stuff that makes me want to get into music. It sounds like it could go great with loads of games. :slight_smile:

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thank you! you should try it if you’re into it. it pays off so well and feels amazing once you make an awesome piece! personally i thought this one sounded pretty good compared to others that i’ve made.

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Looks like I missed feedback here.

From what I’m hearing, it reminds me of the music style in Party Hard. There’s an issue with the cymbals, you might as well tweak the crashes as it happens way too frequent. Perhaps you want to tune down the tone on it or at least lower the mids of that.

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