Feedback on my 10 min Speed GFX

These were made in 12 mins, havent made gfx in 3 months and this was made for personal use.


Next time I need to fix that thicc grass :flushed:


Oh yeah you totally made that in 10 minutes, 100%…

But jokes aside, it’d take me at least an hour to make something remotely close to that, well done. You used blender I take it-?

I’m so lost as to how you managed that so fast…

The pose seems a bit unnatural and the grass is way too large. Otherwise, this is pretty good for 10 minutes.

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Very nice but I’m assuming the render took 30 mins or 1 hour+ haha. Good Work!!!

I can show you just add me on discord

Why is their a motion blur, What’s up with the grass, and why is it so big?

and why is the light saber looking thing just a stick.

If this was in a whole other environment then this would be much better.

Is that you dream? Also it’s pretty decent for a 10 minute one, good job :+1:

No It took the whole 10 minutes with my cpu and gpu but I spent 2 minutes just adding saturation and contrast and a watercolor filter

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Competition or not, you should still put more effort into it. Its not like in Game Jam’s or mini timed challenges people don’t just put not much effort into it. It helps people learn more and get better at it anyway.

Were in the Description lol??? I reread the post and the comments you made several times and still haven’t seen anything related to it.
Screenshot 2021-08-24 141847
Screenshot 2021-08-24 141838
Screenshot 2021-08-24 141828
Screenshot 2021-08-24 141945
Screenshot 2021-08-24 141926

Look good honestly, just the grass clipping through the legs a little.

I forgot to save my edited desc mb

Here is some closure. My friend is brand new to gfx and he wanted to see how good he was. So I told him we both had 10 minutes. I understand and thank you for the feedback but I dont want to hurt my friends self esteem.


nope its not, its just the first thing to come to my head.

This is just constructive criticism, Not at all was I trying to bring down your friends self esteem, I’m also confused why your bringing your friend into this, was that his GFX you just posted then?

Screenshot 2021-08-25 200606

I like and really good for ten mins

Nope I can post his, he is related too it because he was just the competition :neutral_face:

If this was a commission I’d put all my effort into it and use proper blender versions. I just post all the gfx I make on here even if it’s bad or I don’t like it

I don’t even understand what your trying to get at, To me it seems like you just posted his work now and gave him no credit at all.

I never said anything about you making a commission, Idk why you came up with that and even thought of that.

So If I was in a game jam, I could post everyone’s work that I didn’t even collaborate in right?

at this point, I don’t even get what your saying which is waiting my time on comments like these that don’t give much info and just hard to understand. I’m going to turn off notifications on this post.