Feedback on my 1920's gas station

Recently I started building a 1920’s gas station for use as a background building on my friends railroad. It currently has a mostly empty interior.


I believe you should give it a more antique style it seems like it’s brand new.


This looks really good! How long did it take you to make it?

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That looks amazing. The amount of detail it has looks really good! Is the inside decorated to or is it just the outside? Another thing to point out is you should add a bit more rusty parts around the place.

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Woah, that looks really amazing!

Not sure if this is just me (I’ve also never seen an antique gas station before) but maybe you could make it slightly longer or bigger?

Also everything looks too perfect. Try making some of the wood and sign posts bent, adding holes/chips to walls, etc.

Also the Coke sign looks too new… I’d suggest making the red a little darker…


Most older gas stations are small However the pumps should be away from the building like 100 studs away. But yeah for the most part in the 1920’s It was rare to even see a gas station that was large unless you where in the city. (grandparents owned a gas station that is why I’m loving this build reminds me of it!)


That looks similar to the one in my home town, except it’s smaller and green. I love how detailed it is. Even the planks have depth! Everything is so good!


I think it’s supposed to take place in 1920. Also, these kinds of historic buildings would look pretty new because of restoration projects. Maybe that’s just a Texas thing, I don’t know.

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It took me about 4 hours to build, I find it faster to build stuff when I have a reference to base my build on.


You must be a really good builder, it takes me four hours to make a simple build! :laughing:


Currently the interior is empty, but I plan to add one in the future.


Cool build! If you’re going to do similar detail for all of your buildings, just remember that excessive panelling may eventually cause lag, so if you haven’t already, I’d convert the panels into meshes.

I’d definitely true to reduce the opacity of the decals you have so that they blend more into the theme. Colours in the twenties tended to be a lot more muted!

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Can’t wait to see your finishing touches on the inside!

Amazing build! I do have some suggestions though, making the place look older. Maybe put down some more rusty parts/models around the building, make it look like it actually from the 1920’s.

Looks great! I think you should add some rotting wood or mold, or tiny details. Other than that, perfect!