Feedback on my 1st GFX

Hi! This was my first gfx ever, can I get some feedback on it?


Looks nice with the lighting but overall boring and empty. It needs a background and maybe text.

For a first graphic, it’s not bad.

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Like @infiniteRaymond said, it can look boring without a background. But since it is your first GFX I got to say I’m pretty impressed for a beginner! Keep up the great work! :smiley:

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Pretty good, except for the shadows.

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Amazing for your first try. Try to add a background to make it pop out. Overall it’s awesome and way better than my first gfx.
<3 Chunky

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I made this for my sister, she wanted to add background, text, effects, etc. herself. But yes, I agree its really empty without it :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi! Can you give me some advice on this gfx? I added a background and played around with lighting a bit :smile: I also used a blocky body rather than the woman body.

Looks good, are u practicing ur renders on Blender? or what software u used to make this image?

Maybe the lighting is a little intense, that is burning a little the shading. But, the image is great right now. On art topics I think that everything is right, depends on the creator artist’s way of view :3

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