Feedback on my 2 player game

So I made a game inspired by altitorture where you’re gonna climb cliffs

One player is blind and one player can see and will tell the other player what to do

I’m asking for your feedback guys on what do you think about it and how to improve it thankss

Game Link:


This looks like alot of fun, atm all my friends are asleep but I will be sure to keep this game in mind next time theyre online and ill let you know what I think.


#1. Its basically impossible without streaming on discord from eye to blind side.
#2. terrain is far too small for what youre doing (being blind and all)

I would say make the terrain larger and easier to navigate.

I think the 1 time purchase to go back to where you last fell is too expensive.

Music is incredible and game is fun (when streaming from friend to friend)

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