Feedback on my 2D fighting game

Hello! I’m back once again to ask for some feedback on my fighting game I’ve made some changes that I think are great so would like to know what others think and if there’s anything I can do to improve them.

The first change is in the lobby I’ve added some tweens to the side buttons and the frames when they open and close.

The next change I did was the new grid stage new design and has a cool color pattern.

Lastly, there’s camera shake which isn’t finished and is a bit annoying in this video (sorry)


This is actually really impressive! I would love to test this game, and if you’re open to it I’d like to actually play it. Message me if you are, and if not, no biggie.

My suggestions would be:


  • Make the shop screen less blocky; it’s mostly just 2 colors and boxes with words on it. Perhaps round the corners, or add colors or a theme to it, like having decoration around the sides.
  • Add more decoration to the building! It seems very spacey with little decoration other than boxes and pillars. For instance, add some detailing to the roof and have lights dropping down. Have animations play when players sit down at the tables, or even add large aquariums that stretch from the floor to the ceiling! That’s a way to fill up space while still looking very cool. Maybe some weight racks to fit in with the fighting theme.
  • Add a loading screen when joining the training server, otherwise you can see the map loading in. This will make transitioning smooth.
  • Having a smoother “Teleporting to training” GUI, where it slides over with a grey or red background that looks smoother.
  • Additionally, having the Teleport to Training button have a “Are you sure you want to go to training?” button. Otherwise, curious players like myself might click on it and get suddenly teleported into a different part of the game.
  • The ability to mute the button sounds? Some may like it but I would find it slightly annoying to hear that on repeat when dragging my cursor across the buttons.


  • Make it so players can’t move before the countdown finishes, otherwise they might get close or start battling before the battle even begins.
  • Ability to run or dash? Might make reactions more important. Comes with stamina bar (maybe)
  • A quit button, so that players can exit back out of training or run away from a fight. (With drawbacks if you run from a fight from an actual player, of course)
  • Add some fighting animations rather than the beams it seems to be robotically placing down. Additionally, idle, running and jumping animations rather than the default ones, to give it a more fighting-game feel.
  • Have the dummy fight back, otherwise it’s not really training.
  • Perhaps instead of a block you have to break that regens really fast, maybe instead have a shield that players can put up; including perfect blocks, where blocking at the right time will stun the enemy.
  • Fighting guide, like the controls used in playing. Also being able to change the controls. (X - Special attack, LMB - Normal Attack, etc)

I am very interested in this game and I’d love to see the progress you make. Great job! :+1:


Hey, thanks a lot for the suggestions! A lot of these are great wanted to reply to some of them. Just wanna mention that I’m sadly not much of an animator or ui maker which is why those areas are a bit lacking atm

Love this idea definitely going to add it.

The reason why I decided to do it like that is because I was playing Melty Blood and that’s how it is in that game and I thought it was interesting so I decided to include it in my game lol.

Yup this is something I have planned along with air dashing

Yeah, animations are something I desperately need to add, but I’m not good enough at it to do myself (I am learning on the side though) so been trying to save some money to commission someone it’s just hard because I need like 40 animations smh.

Both of these things are also already planned to be added.

edit: Everything else you’ve suggested is also really solid definitely gonna add this to my Trello

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Alright! If you’re open, I can perhaps attempt to help you with the animation or building. Building is more so my strong suit rather than animation, but I know enough to be able to do some basics with animation (i.e. Sitting at tables makes animation play, or making an animation to use)
I’d love to help you with the building aspect and take a little weight off your shoulders, since it’s something I’m passionate about. This is entirely up to you though, including the option of letting me test your game. I just find your game very interesting and I’d like to see where it goes in the future.

The game is currently open to everyone atm Blitz - Roblox
Also yeah sure you can help out! We can talk about it more on Discord if you want here’s my thing 𝕯𝖔𝖒#0001

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fonts on the ui menu sidebar dont look great use gotham or something bold like that :+1:
will give more feedback later

a GUI design like this might look good