Feedback on my 2D game

Hello Everyone! I have recently finished a demo version of my game, “Aktion2D!” and it is probably the first game that I actually tried to finish, unlike my other projects.
The game is 2D, but in the upcoming lobby You would be able to walk Forward and backward, and have more like a 3D style room, unlike the demo/tutorial that only allows you to walk left, right and jump.
[DISCONTINUED] 2D Game Prototype - Roblox < It is still in the Pre-Alpha Stage, And I’d like ANY suggestions. Whether it be ranging from Levels and Level design to any other thing!
Be honest with your reviews! I don’t expect Highly Supportive reviews as it is only in the early stages of development. Peace and goodbye!

I think the game has a lot of potential. But…

  • What I noticed first is the character has my avatar’s head but not the body which was very weird. Especially since the skintone is different.

  • It was also pretty bland, it’s a pretty boring world without music or much sound. Adding sound will really boost your game.

  • The gun was also pretty annoying, in 2D games you shouldn’t force the player to click on exactly where they want the bullet to go. It works in first person shooters, but not side scrollers.
    If you look at Glass, Cishshato made the gun fire off an physical bullet instead of using raycasts. That is a better way to design a gun. If you are dead-set on using raycasts though, detect if any humanoids are in the ray of the the raycast to the mouse then do damage like that.

  • Now the annoying hinge door. Whenever I walked through it, I got stuck. Hinges are super annoying in 2D games. Especially if you don’t clamp the player down to a specific axis, which I don’t think you did. So the door would sometimes push you off the axis and onto a different position. In turn making it impossible to get back through the doorway.

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Thanks very much for your feedback! I do gotta say, I wanted to give it a Nooby look at first but decided it is not worth it now. I will still remove the accessories except the Head ones, but I will keep the original player’s clothes and skin tone. The gun will take a while as I’m not very used to making any gun scripts, so thanks about that too. I will document alot as I like the roblox dev hub.
For the Hinge door, I had problems with it, but I tried fixing it and for me it worked. I will research on how to make the hinge door better.

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