Feedback on my 2nd attempted at a Law Enforcement Police Uniform [Had to repost because it was redirected to portfolios for whatever reason]

Rate My Class A Police Uniform Navy Blue Class A Police Uniform

Any feedback would be much appreciated.


It’s pretty good. I’d say 8-10. Keep up the work!:+1:

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Looks nice! But, I’d reccommend not putting watermarks on a showcase template, since, without the other ~10 faces they’re missing - nobody will be able to reassemble the showcase and steal it based on that, so it basically just makes it harder for whoever you’re trying to sell to to get the detail from your outfit.

Besides that, I wouldn’t recommend using two-pixel thick lines without a good, explicit intent behind it - in this case, it just makes the tie look like it’s been taken from a different set of assets due to the clashing style. Consistent linework generally makes things look more - well, consistent.

I also wouldn’t recommend making everything a straight line - since, generally your sleeves, belt, et cetera, would be curving around your arms and torso - humans are round, after all. The general exceptions to that are something that’s being directly tied in that place, or hard armor materials, like steel or something along those lines that haven’t been deliberately fitted to the torso since the harder the material is the harder it is to curve.

Don’t mistake my nitpicking for condemnation or anything, though - this is a really nicely drawn outfit, and I’m sure if you applied to any larger clothing group to work as a designer, you’d be basically instantly accepted.


Noted thanks a lot for the feedback I will change a few things on my next design and preview template.

Thanks so much for the feedback!

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