Feedback on my 2nd Shirt & Pants Outfit

Hey! Would love some feedback on my shirt & pants I made today.

Note: the orange is a bit different color. I think the screenshot messed up.


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Pretty nice! I would only change one thing, the middle part of the shirt, since it’s a bit too linear to me. Let me explain my self, when you wear a shirt, the middle part (right now it’s the intersection of the grey, white and orange) is never completely linear, to fix this, I would add a little movement effect in it. Additionally, it’s the same thing as previously, I would change the hands and feet part to make them less linear and maybe considering having shoes if you don’t want to make it linear. However, all of this is simply personal opinion, the important is that you love your shirt and pants your doing!

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Hey, I am not really a clothing designer but I can say that you have yourself some nice looking clothes right there. For your second outfit, I’d say its pretty average. Keep it going and you’ll be able to elevate your work to even higher standards.

Great job!

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