Feedback on my 3D Platformer (PB & Jay)

I’ve been making this 3D Platformer Collect-a-thon: PB & Jay - Roblox
Previously, I had asked for feedback on the movement, any feedback and/or suggestions would be great. If you have any, this is the place. :slight_smile:

Update-Log for the game: PB & Jay | Update-Log


I think you should try adding a double jump;
simple things like that make people feel they have control, despite how minimal of a mechanic it may be. I’d also recommend adding a sort of acceleration mechanic(think like Terraria’s movement).

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Incredibly late response, sorry about that, trying to connect everything together.

Initially I hated the idea of having a double jump, but am now open to the idea. My reason for not liking double jumping was that I saw it everywhere and wrote it off as an overused mechanic. Having a double jump along with a glide I also hopefully can get working would widen the move set and thus the skill ceiling. Roblox’s some-what recent level-up made me think about this: Designing for Older Players with Bluay, MidnightKrystal, Looty_Haga, cbmaximillian, & 101airsoft - YouTube

Might not have had this when making this topic, but there is sprinting on all devices.(other than VR because yes) Should I maybe include another mechanic for switching up game-play speed?

This is a really cool game, only thing is that I had 0 clue what to do the moment I was told to go into the rocky area. Maybe add arrows or something to make it clearer because after 2 minutes of being confused I did not want to play anymore

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There isn’t much gameplay right now due to many things like my struggle with character design. The having 0 clue what to do is fair as there isn’t much to do but move around. I’m trying to find a balance between holding the players hand too much and just letting them run wild. I’ve got a pointing sign, I’ll add more of those around to direct players. Thanks for the feedback.

I don’t know what exactly you have currently, but I can imagine that if you tried to think of complex level designs for your game, you’d think of a lot of movement features to add. If you wanted to add a door that just barely opens for a few seconds for a level, you’d need sliding. My advice is basically just “uhhhhhh add as you go along with the game lol”, but it’s still valid. As for character design, I think you should just use a blank rig until you can actually decide on something permanent. Ideas for stuff like that tend to hit you best when you least expect them

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I like the game it’s very unique, but PB’s eyes are too realistic.
Oh, you should probably add some effects for when the rocks break aswell.

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I struggled with the eyes initially and decided to go off the common eye style trend I saw in the genre:

Before the current style of eyes, I had black circles. Way before that, one of the first designs, I had this:
scary old stuff

This is an image of the current design:

Anyways, I made a post about this issue I ran into months ago, but the issue of eyes is a tricky one that seems really hard to get right: Feedback on Custom Character - Struggling with eyes What I eventually settled on made me happy enough, but I do sometimes feel it to be uncanny.

There are many issues I see with the character and I should probably re-model it in addition to learning to rig/animate inside Blender itself. Would you have any recommendations for the eyes specifically?

As for a rock breaking effect, there was one at one point. I believe it’s still there now, but it might not be too visible or something. The decal on the particle isn’t mine and the effect is lackluster. Effects in general I’ve gotten better at yet haven’t updated. I’ll add that to the list.

Thanks for the feedback.

I think the blue iris makes it a little bit too realistic/human. I think if it would be all black it would look better, idk.

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