Feedback on my 3rd GFX Thumbnail

Hey guys, I just made my third game thumbnail GFX on Blender. What do you guys think, can I get some advice and feedback!! The only thing I edited on the thumbnail is the sky and the watermark. !


I cant really comment on how much the thumbnail actually relates to the game it is supposed to represent, as you haven’t said anything about that, or in any way hinted it.
I doubt it is very related though, as this is very bland and uninteresting GFX, with very little originality.

How can you improve on that? Well…

  • Effects - You have utilised no effects at all in this GFX. I really do not want you to use badly photoshopped lightning effects, or those ugly aesthetic frames, but some fog, bloom, motionblur or highlight of the characters in any way would really add a lot to this GFX.

  • Colors - Your characters each use a unique colourful palette. Except for the purple hair of the orange character. You should make the hair orange, so it won’t break the pattern.

  • Lighting - I hate people who just say, “Do beTtER lIghTIng”, but this GFX really hasn’t been worked on that much in regards to lighting. You should try using multiple different kinds of lighting coming from different angles and locations.