Feedback on my 4 house models

i need some feedback for the 4 of my house models that i have

is it good? is it bad? what should be improved?


I can’t give good feedback right now because I’m on my phone.

I’d suggest changing the material of the garage door to metal or diamond plate. And overhanging the roof.


The tops are a little too wedgy.

Try making the wedges go like this:

And like @Crazedbrick1 said, there could be some material improvements.

Walls usually aren’t wooden, I would make them plastic.

Also, make it so there’s an another roof, so that the ceiling isn’t brick.


ill probably fix those types of stuff like making walls plastic unless its the outside walls

Did you actually model any of this? The door in the first house (the red one) is a free model and so is most of the furniture. Assuming you just used them as place holders / didn’t feel like making them, the houses look really good! I would attempt to model the furtniture and stuff next time to give it your style :wink:

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the only stuff i did model were just the stuff like the stove, dishwasher, refridgerator tv, the walls, roof, lights and a few other things
but the table, chairs, and the couch are just free models i just got from toolbox since i dont really know how to make chairs

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It looks good, but I think the roofs need to be more complex.

your windows are triangles but a house’s roofs are more complex.

hope this helps.

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I might be wrong, but these houses look like they’re made from free models.

It’s always easier to start with something small and work your way up to building something big like a house.

Good job for trying though!


The roof for the first one, idk just looks off. Idk how you could fix it. Also looks like a bunch of free models. If they are not, then you might wanna make it so that they don’t look cheep

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You are correct!

Yes, it is always easier to start with something small, I started off with a Bench and a Lamppost!


they arent free models but what could i do so the models wont look boring

ps: i noticed u misspelled cheap
edit for the ps i said: oh wait nvm now i get why u said cheep

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Are you sure they’re not free models?

ps: I* you* They* aren’t* I* boring, cheap.* Don’t correct others when you can’t correct yourself.

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they arent
there may be like two or three free models in them but the houses arent free models

ok fine

You said they’re not free models.

ps: They* aren’t.* There* models.* Okay fine.*

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Yeah, if you make them not boring, that will work. I’m Canadian, so that is why I wrote cheep, not cheap

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when i said there were two or three free models, what i was trying to say is there may be two or three free models inside my house models like the couch and the coffee maker

btw, you can stop correcting my spelling now

Yeah well, you said there was no free models.

ps: When* I* I* the* not my maker.* By the way,* now.*
Also, it is fine I can keep correcting your spelling

i listen to you and @Crazedbrick1 and updated the house models with the ceiling being plastic
but how do i make those types of roofs

I made that when I didn’t know too much about building, so I’m showing a better way.

Pay attention to the small details in this video I made, especially the properties I configured AND when I duplicate a part:

(I would watch this fullscreen, high quality, and possibly slow it down so you can see the explorer and properties.)

(By the way, adjust the length before unioning it OR make it a mesh)

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