Feedback on my 5th Gfx!

A Gfx for a Roblox experience called “Left 2 Die”

What can I improve on this gfx?


Looks great! Are those green rays the bullets? If they are try changing them to orange or red. It might look better.


Try to use blender rig for better posing

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I think the camera FOV is too high. Other then that this looks amazing holy crap

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I forgot to say this isn’t made with blender but thank you guys for the feedback!

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The original got higher camera angle
Thank you for the feed back!

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That’s really impressive for a roblox studio screenshot.


A. I suggest using Blender for GFX and Renders
B. If you do use Roblox Studio, make sure to have Graphics Quality to the max
C. Lightning needs work, you should always use another software such as Adobe Photoshop to edit the photo for the best result.

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I’m pretty sure they already edited it in lightroom/photoshop, and the graphics quality is most likely max.

It’s not edited (text goes brrrrr)

definitely a good gfx, although I would strongly suggest learning how to make gfxs via blender
besides that, the posing of the captain/cop looks a bit weird.

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Looks decent tbh, I like the dark and creepy environment; it gives a realistic feeling.

Though I could say the GFX is a bit too dark so why not increase a little of the brightness but not too bright.

I don’t believe either of the things you said was true. Is not edited in Photoshop, because you can clearly tell he had a point light right in the middle for all the lightning, and there is no way to tell if graphics quality is max currently because he is not using any effects (BloomEffect, SunRays, etc.)