Feedback on my 60's themed diner

I built a 1960’s themed Diner. Its pretty detailed already, but any feedback on how to improve it would be appreciated. Here’s the link, thanks


the other thing that would be appreciated are the screenshots for mobile users


You did a great job! It looks really nice and definitely gives you that diner vibe.

The only suggestions I would make is to maybe dim the lighting a bit. I love the stage, perhaps focus more of the lighting on the stage and have lower lighting throughout the seating areas where guests would be.

Other than that I think you did an incredible job :slight_smile:
Keep up the great work! I look forward to seeing more from you!

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something’s missing…

A Jukebox… and milkshakes. Lots of milkshakes.


Your builds are absolutely breathtaking!

However, the only suggestion I’ll give is about the lighting format, and the curtains.

  • I notice that the curtains have too much rigged textures added onto them. I suggest to not crowd too much of the curtains as it looks unsatisfying: Try looking at stage curtain references as it will might help you with your diner!
  • The lighting is perfectly fine, but I suggest giving it more of a diner darkness vibe! Whenever there’s an active comedy stress relief, or a stage performance - there would always be soften lights on the audience, therefore the only spotlight would be on the stage: Giving the center of attention the actor/actress on stage.
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Looks pretty swell and old-timey, nice job!

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Thank you a lot for your feedback, I’ll try to change the things you suggested

Yup lol. I’ll make some milkshakes in blender maybe, and add a juke box… maybe I’ll rotate through some classic 50s and 60s songs too.