Feedback on my AD for Group

Hello Devs, I recently made an ad for my clothing group Dominic Clothing with GFX art and Photoshop on This is the ad, it managed to get nearly 2% CTR for my group as well as my home store.

I am looking to improve on my GFX and Photoshop to improve my CTR for my group and would like feedback for my skyscraper ad. Hope to get constructive criticism.


First of all that is a really great ad and I can see you have put effort in it.


The gfx is really great but my only criticism are the headphones; they look too realistic.
The size of the headphone is good. I recommend to add light shadows under the headphones, near the collar. Also add a very little blur to the headphones.

Other than that the gfx perfectly fits for the vibe of the ad.

Clothing group dont really get that much ctr like they used to before.

For an AD it looks really nice although I would change the yellow text honestly and maybe remove the black background or perhaps change it to a different color.

If I made it I would move the text down below the nose on the shirt because that is were are the action is so they remember your band name for longer. Really good though!

I like your ad.

Things I like

I like the gfx. I think it looks nice and simple.

Things I don’t like

It doesn’t really tell people to click on them, or, “pop”. Maybe you could change that?

Besides that, I really like your ad.

I like it but it looks a little basic.

Looks okay, but there’s seems to be no relationship between your clothing group and the avatar in it. Try making it have some sort of relationship (such as the player is holding one clothes in each hands)

That’s because the ad is promoting a special edition that goes with the highlights bear face mask.