Feedback on my Ad

Hey, I have made a game and I also made an Advertisement for it. But because I am on a low budget, I only have 1 try to advertise it since I’m new. So I came here to look for your feedback.
Do you think this advertisement is good enough and will attract players?

Is this Advertisement good and worth it?

  • Yes I like it!
  • Not really…

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the advertisement looks good but maybe adding like the background of the game its self would be good + adding a trailer in the game page, I wish you luck on your game!

For the game I have some bright colours so the text wouldn’t show in the advertisement.
But thanks anyway! I put it up and now the ad is running.

Looks good, but I think roblox said that they will remove user ads in early 2024

*edit I found it:

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Nooooooooo that’s soo bad.
I can’t sponser stuff because i need a credit card and boy im not gonna give them that.

This advertisement is good for the game! Nice job on it!

I like the design of your advertising and I hope your game will do well, I would indeed suggest to have a good game icon so players will stick and play it. Anyways, I wish you luck on your game development journey!