Feedback on my Admin Panel

I Made this admin panel for fun. can I have some feedback?


IT looks real cool! are you going to send it to roblox?

I would personally make the gui’s more round, kinda like this:

Or even like this:

There are many different ways to do this. Everything else looks really good and professional. Keep it up! :grin:

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It could use a border of some sorts to make the edges look less rough, but I like the color scheme you got in the background.

thats a good one! :grinning: :+1:

The color palette isnt great and the colors just dont go well together, you should endeavor to integrate more detail to the UI other than just blank text labels that arent even sized identically tantamount, and while your at it abstract the gradient because its ocular perceiver straining coalesced with the white background and endeavor to make utilization of UI Corners

I would suggest getting rid of the rainbow design, and opt for a more modern, minimalistic approach. Instead of the “Administration” button on the top-right of a user’s screen, I would suggest the text “Admin Panel”, which is a lot more straightforward. Also, please make the GUI’s more round and curved like the GUI’s in today’s popular Roblox Games.

Looks kind of bland, a bit more of a cartoon approach would be nice, I would recommend using the Roundify plugin.

It looks alright, the GUI itself is too blocky, you should add the UI Curve to the UI’s and then make the green and red color less brighter as well as have a proper font that matches with the curved UI boxes. 5.5/10

I really like your admin panel because it doesn’t take up the whole screen and is organized. Good job! :smiley:

The panel looks really good, but more details would make it look better, in my opinion.

What do you mean send it to roblox?

i think he means “are you gonna publish it to roblox?”

Oh thank you. Im probably going to sell it for robux to people.

ok, sounds like a good deal! btw i think the gui looks pretty cool, but as some other people said, i think it would look better if you’d round the edges of the gui.

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Feels a bit simple but otherwise pretty good looking tbh

The gradient background stands out too much and contrasts with the white too much. I would suggest making the panel more minimalistic and user-friendly by adding a single text box with many buttons under it such as “Ban,” “Kick,” and “To.”

I get this is only for admins so it does not need to look perfect but i do recommend making the guis look a bit better! For the rest i really like it!