Feedback on my afk map

Hey Developers!

I am quite new to building in Roblox Studio. So I want some feedback from you on my AFK map.

Please, if possible, suggest how I can make this better.

Thank you for reading!

(if you want to check out the game here’s the link afk until someone donates 1k - Roblox)

(Sorry for the low-quality images)


The idea of creating a game, to be afk in & for people to donate is stupid and sad.

I don’t like your game at all, your using free model clouds, free model benches, free model ducks - you’ve practically made nothing.

So why be proud of models that aren’t yours?

If you really want to make this game better, make every by yourself - don’t use the toolbox at all.


And I made an afk game to get some robux, because it seemed to be working for everybody. So why not give it a try?