Feedback on my aircraft carier


this is my first mesh with texture (you can see, that the texture is bad). What to improve on it, and how do you like it?
body shape: 1hour
upgrading top of body: 0,5hour
building supports under surfrace: 2hour
texturing: 1hour


It’s nice, but somethings off about it… And I can’t put my finger on it.

I believe though it’s the actual runway of the vessel, as well as under it. Ships like aircraft carriers don’t have that part under them, holding up the runway. Usually it’s in the hull of the ship, down below. And the runway seems not textured. Maybe add some lines and such.

its made from uss cv-1

it is, but i saw, that it is textured with low contrast

but anyway thx

To me it has a lack of color. It’s like a gray boring mesh. I belive a simple key to make your carrier better you should add more contrasts in the color.
Look at the ship you remade. What exactly makes the difference from your ship to that ship?

and what do you think about the shape (i am also quite beginer in modeling)

is this better?

Wow! That looks 10x better for the runway! For the shape. I think it’s ok. Fix the colors at first.

The runway is being held up by pillars. If you have not colored them, I eould recommind you to make it metal and gray.

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