Feedback on my Airline Staff Campus


So I recently started to work on my airline staff campus (for trainee’s), and wondering how I could improve the interior. I added some tiles on the floors so it can look a bit better from the players perspective. But maybe something that I could add that’s missing?

I want the interior to look fresh, modern-ish that would help represent my airline very well. Any feedback/opinions?

Here are some screenshots:


Honestly sometimes an open space and keeping things at a minimal is best in interior design, but there’s also the other idea of filling space in and keeping it as interesting, or other feeling associated with that, alive.
I personally would go very minimal for your design and keep it the way it is, and to further assess it once you come to the ceiling. If you’re looking to fill things in, I would want to look into foundational aspects of building, like pillars and walls, because it still seems a bit too soon to assess it completely and say what to give it; plants, modern art, chandeliers, statues could all be very dandy ideas once everything is more developed!

Anyways! Good luck!

Thanks! Once I get the plants in, where is the best spot to put them? (Near the doors, outside, etc.) Chandeliers might be a trouble to make, as I don’t either have the correct plugin to build it, or the knowledge yet.

Positioning things?
I believe the plants and other items should go where you like!
Although, places like doors, next to chairs in waiting area, and next to pillars would make your build look a little bit more full! Just remember, it isn’t the last thing because it’s a small contribution to the whole build. I’d think about some more things to add.

Thanks! I will definitely try to position the plants in different locations so I can decide which ones are the best.

Alright, added some plants from a forest pack from ROBLOX. I think this looks pretty decent.

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