Feedback on my animations?

I’ve spent pretty much the last week learning how to animate and took some time to try and make some animations for my game and I wanna get some feedback I know they’re obviously not perfect, but I think they do a good job at doing what they’re supposed to do.


The animations look pretty cool, although some of them, in my opinion at least, feel too quick. Just a quick question, is the game your making these for fast paced?

Yeah, it’s a fighting game so I’d say it’s fast-paced. I agree that some of them are a bit too fast although I’ve learned that you don’t wanna have long animations so I’ve been trying to learn to keep them short and get a good speed for them.

Yeah if it’s for a fast-paced fighting game, quick animations like these make sense. They look nice.

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for the first one, there is no vfx power blast where there should be.
second one the legs move when they should be stationary and the arms are like directly connected to torso
third one he’s just moving his hands and leg, vibing. the torso does not move at all?
fourth one it looks like the sword gets larger and the guy does not break focus even ONCE it’s just like staring into your soul and the legs are just moving indepedently and weirdly kinda

style is nice though, i like these animations

The first animation was supposed to be a crouching punch although this gave me an idea to do a blast thing now although I have no skills with making effects atm so rip.

torso does move. I was trying to do this idle animation.


Sword size stays the same the entire time I think it was just the angle that makes it look like it gets longer also LOL yeah I have a habit of not really doing much with the heads because I kind of just don’t know what to do with them.

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These aren’t that bad, I think it’s a decent start. A few ideas:

  • Try to avoid three-keyframe animations, since it doesn’t leave room for detail.

  • I would stay closer to some basic animation principles; following these make the difference between rookie and professional animations.

  • Try animating in Blender – it allows you to add constraints, motion path tracking, etc.

some feedback

  • sword looks like a fencing sword thing (im assuming its a placeholder tho)
  • crouch punch ends suddenly

maybe add a little more keyframes?
let me elaborate:
try to make the feeling of the animations a little more heavy, by that i meant that you should make it so that the body goes down faster than when it gets up, so if we were to say you lifted an arm in 10 frames, then it should go back down at around 6 frames.
Keep in mind before you kind of follow the advice: I am not an animator, there will always be better advice from those who animate frequently.

the torso does seem to be moving, but it is rather stationary, and in this 6 body parts animation he’s literally just moving his hands while idle while this guy with fingers and everything is like getting ready or something