Feedback on my Arsenal Recreation

I recreated the Roblox Arsenal UI and I want to hear your feedback on it. There is no images because I don’t want to get in troubles with copyright or anything like that.

Should I make more? I would like to get more practice when doing shop UIs and I think that’s the way to start. (I wont use these in any of my games because I don’t own the rights of Arsenal of course.)


It looks accurate, but unoriginal. I get the “Arsenal” and “ROLVE” vibe from this but it’s very unoriginal.

Try making something of your own!

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I am working on my own game and I will ask how that game’s soon to be updated UI looks!

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I understand that you’re recreating the Arsenal GUI but if you were to try and implement this into your game I suggest you make it more original. But, if you’re not planning on publishing it, great work!

I don’t plan on publishing it. Thanks!

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Wow! It looks great. If you want, I can hire you for my upcoming company, Saudade Studios. Please PM me if you’re interested.