Feedback on my Auditorium

Hey everyone! I recently built a auditorium for @Trophane 's BloxWash. I would like feedback on it if possible, thanks. :slight_smile:

Game link: NightsinLA's Place Number: 134 - Roblox (I recommend if you want a better quality view)
creds for ban3k for the trees (I think)


This looks pretty good! It’s simple, but eye-catching. However, there are a few things you could change.
I suggest more variation in the colour. For the main structure and decor of the auditorium (not including the trees), you’ve only used 3 different colours (red, white and brown). It would have a lot more variety if different shades of reds and browns were used, even different tints of white. I also recommend using different textures other than sand, again, to add variety and contrast. One more thing, try rotate the trees and move around the windows so they don’t all look exactly the same.
Good luck, and keep up the good work :slight_smile:


It looks decent. Maybe as for the wall in the first picture avoid putting sand as house texture.

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I agree with snzzyems, about the colour. I would try and add some more texture and colour variation and personally some more depth. As well as your pathing textures are running in two different directions rather than parallel. Some fixes for this could be unioning, or there is a plugin called texture flip I believe. Overall I really like it, keep it up!

Have a good one, hope this helped.

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Ah, yes! I have heard about the event from Target Store for Bloxwash. I’m not sure if I’m going but this looks awesome. A bit too bright though but other than that, amazing!

the screenshot doesnt do it justice lol, its better in game

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