Feedback on my avatar profile image

Hi! So I was trying to find somebody to make an anime style avatar for me, but then I stumbled on a video that taught me how to do it! I want your feedback on this profile pic:



This is soo cool I like it a lot! :star_struck:


There’s not much to say about this. Picrew (a website that generator art pieces) was obviously used to create this, and I would not consider it to be art. I strongly advise you to hire someone to create an original profile picture for you in order to stand out.


I like it, I like it a lot!
I like how the lines are seamless and basically perfect!
I also like the simple shading.
Good job!

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I did use picrew, but I edited the red panda! (his name is Rob)
This is a unique image though.
But hey, atleast it’s free.

I still consider it art, but I give lots of credit to the picrew team.

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doesn’t look anime style but it looks good the red pands doesn’t look like he’s sitting on the shoulder tho 7.5/10

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it looks amazing its jus that his red pet dosent cast any shadow on his arm which makes him look wierd

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Eh, I can see some anime style happening…

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it is a medium in anime if that even makes sense but even then it looks good you should be proud of yourself @JoeFarmStudio

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i can tell ive seen this in a tutorial but i like the red panda


Looks beyond awesome :flushed: :flushed: :flushed:

I love the hair and how you put the headphones around the neck, and the shoulder fox pal! (super cute design)

10/10 super great work young developer!



he just made art

visible confusion lol

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Lol its actually a red panda (His name is Rob)

Aww thank u all guys for the kind support :slight_smile:

Amazing!! I use paint 3D on windows 10 and I’m terrible lmbo

its picrew not paint 3d, but thanks :slight_smile:

I make games too… lol I dont just make art