Feedback on my Backrooms Game

Hello, I have created a game about Backrooms and I want to know what you think of my game.

For now I have 7 levels and 3 types of entities (more will be added later).

The levels:

Level 0 “The Lobby”
Level 1 “Habitable Zone”
Level 2 “Pipe Dreams”
Level 3 “Electrical Station”
Level 4 “Abandoned Office”
Level 5 “Terror Hotel”
Level 6 “Light’s Out”
Working on Level 7 “Thalassophobia”

The entities:

Entity 3 “Smiler”
Entity 8 “Hound”
Entity 9 “Faceling”
Working on Entity 10 “Skin-Stealer”

My Backrooms game can also be played on mobile. It also has a gamepass store, an official Roblox group, and a Discord server.

Some images of the levels:

Link to the game: (NEW LEVEL!) Reality Error: The Backrooms - Roblox

I hope you like it :slight_smile:

Thanks you for reading!!!


It’s not that bad!

I recommend making some custom systems for camera movement and normal movement (because the normal Roblox ones don’t really match the “eerie” vibe the back rooms has)

I’d also recommended getting more realistic textures for some of the textures so you can feel more submerged into the level.

Also, is there a monster/entity in the first level? I wasn’t in for that long, but I couldn’t find anything

The first map is a little too big and a lot of structures are repeated (which would be hard to change now that you’ve finished it)

The stamina bar doesn’t seem to go down (on mobile atleast)

Something that doesn’t matter as much is that you can tell the light noises are just a repeated sound (because of where it cuts in and out)

I also recommend you change the guis to fit the mood more. (Darker and more ominous)

I also recommend you make more visuals and sound so the person who’s playing can feel like they’re actually in the back rooms more.

That’s all I have for now, but good job with it!

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Thanks for your recommendations! Remember that the game is in pre-alpha so, all those new things will come soon :slight_smile: