Feedback on my Banner!

Hi again everyone!
2 days ago i made a banner for myself and i wanna get your opinion it!

If you want to see the high quality version here is is!


Wow, this is really great! My only issue is that the top of the text blends in too much with the background.
Also, what software do you use?


for the text in the banner i use cinema 4d

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Woah it looks good, and btw can I have a banner for my YT as well for free?

I love it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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no i hate how you ask for free stuff
like fr stop people work so hard on their stuff just for you to come and get it for free?
try to find a way to get robux and pay ppl if you want something not ask for free.

for the love of god stop it


Bro you dont have to be that frustrated and being kinda mean btw, you can just simply say no, tell me why, and I’m good to go. Why being so angry to me for that lmao

i just dont like people who ask for free stuff tbh

You can’t just ask for free things, you dont know what hard work is

Yo chill, its just a joke, dont take it srsly

Hello, the banner looks fine. Personally, I wouldn’t use the overlay light effects, but it’s your banner.

The only main concern is that the character absorbed too much light within the render. If you are a Blender user, perhaps you could try lowering the specular value on the textures, and see if you’d like that more. If you are a Photoshop user, you can enhance your banner by playing with the curves, adjusting the brightness/contrast on your character layer, or adding a hue/saturation adjustment colored on the white particles.

Otherwise, I enjoy the 3D text, and the overlying idea here, good job.