Feedback on my Bleach Game

I’ve originally made a post here a month ago about this game and at the time I only had one building and a few NPCs. Now I made entire maps and buildings. I’m making a game based on the show “Bleach” and here is the maps so far and my progression.

Any feedback would be appreciated!


woah I love that kind of constructions I would like the atmosphere of the first image to have a pink sky.The rest of the construction are super. Good job .


I would appreciate if there was a game link available at this time to get a better understanding, but I also understand that you may not want to leak combat and other sorts in your game. Would be appreciated however! :smile:

  • I love the builds so far, especially with the city side of things. However, those free modeled trees are bugging me jeepers and I don’t approve. However, it’s fine you do use free models, I don’t really care lol.

  • The use of textures and building placement in screen shot 2 looks beautiful. (Except for the free models) Not much else I can provide overall since there isn’t a game link to get a respectable look on player to building comparisons and how large buildings are.

  • Not too sure why there is so many trees in this one set location, and that some of the leaf bundles are about the size of a small house. I would definitely fix that asap. image

I like with what you’ve done so far, not too sure on what this object is below however.


I’ve never watched Bleach but this does look odd.

I wish you the best of luck! :wink:

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I think that’s Urahara’s secret underground training place, and that’s the exit.

Haven’t watched that section of the show in a while, but I think that’s supposed to be there.

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Mind adding some lines on the road? :blush:

The map looks like there is a edge to it in the first picture, possibly add more buildings to not make it look like a obvious edge to the map.

Oh, I guess that’s how it looks in the first picture. I made the edges of the map an endless landscape of mountains and distant buildings so it looks more natural. Thanks for the feedback though I appreciate it.

Yes it does look a bit odd but that’s how it’s meant in the show (weird I know). And I’m currently using the trees as a placeholder while I can make a better one. Thanks for the feedback though I appreciate it.