Feedback on my Block Terrain Generator

Hello everyone,

I made this model of terrain generator in my free time however I’m thinking about really focusing on it and doing more improvements on it because I’m thinking about using this in one of my games that I’m making for the future.

The generator uses a noise function to generate a wavy terrain and places blocks to the corresponding height that is returned from the function. There is also topographic coloring and tree generation too. It also has a working seeding, which means that the same seed generates the same type of terrain.

Here are some photos, step by step showing the aspects of the generator:


We start with a flat land:

And now generating grass and color blending:

Then applying a topographic coloring from the noise function:

Now let’s give their height accordingly, as well as a sea:

By decreasing the frequency, we can have more land and less sea:

Now, trees:

More trees:

Another terrain with another seed:

And low resolution/size too:

Player POV:

And there were also cave generations which requires more work for sure:

You can use the generator too:

If you want to test the generator for more details, here is the link:
Block Terrain Generator


bro this is TOO GOOD!! good job :+1:!

do you have any plans to opensource?


I’m actually thinking about making it an open-source stand-alone project. However, the coding and tree generation models are a bit messy so I have to straighten things out before publishing it.

I will let you know when that happens :smile:

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I didn’t change anything in the seeds and stuff and for some reason it generated this TINY island with a MASSIVE tree ontop of it? like the island was only like 2 players wide (i dunno how wide a player is I forgot) as a square, and the tree was HUGE

Pretty sure this has already been done. I am doing something similar to this but with less randomness. Mine is a sphere that loops back to itself kinda like the earth

Sorry for that error. That happened because I forgot to publish the last changes I made after testing. It should be fixed now.

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wait its still happenning

This only happens if i leave everything as a default value

Indeed, I checked the ones that others made and already have a lot of ideas about what I should add but I also wondered about what specific things can be improved on this model as it is right now.

Also, your work sounds interesting. I can’t wrap my head around to a sphere noise generation for a planet yet.

Oh the default values actually don’t exist :smile:
You have to input some values.

ooooooh wait but why does it still generate ANYTHING if there is no value?

Sorry, let me put it this way:
It inputs the smallest possible values that I determined without putting thought about them in order for it to generate a sensible terrain. So that might be the reason why you are getting a very small terrain.

You may want to try the recommended values that I wrote on the generator GUI and try to see if any other things also goes wrong after that.

Anyways, thank you for noticing me about that problem I will look for a better values later on.

ooooooh I see XD
I suggest just having it give a random value if you dont input any, because that tiny island and big tree is just a bit too funny lookinh

Wow yeah, giving random values didn’t came into my mind :smile: :smile: thanks so much for that.

Also I wanted to post my favorite map values here just in case ou guys want to try too: