Feedback on my Blocky Revolver Model

Hello, I made this gun model

I would like some feedback on it.

I really feel like there’s something off with it.

This is my first time doing something like this so please tell me how to improve.


I would bevel the sides to look smoother. Colors are preference, but a darker tone for the wood could fit nice with the dark metal.

Also, this bit right here could be smoother:

Other than that, great gun model.

Thanks for the feedback, the main reason it looks like that there is the reference image had that as well, but I will edit it.

reference image


I have edited the colours and made the area smoother.

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Looks nice, are you willing to complete it with animations and a simple revolver system?

I’m thinking about that when I learn how to raycast and all that.

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I turned the gun into a tool, it looks a lot better at this size:

I think I have put Jimmy through a lot.

I’m not exactly sure what your definition of low poly is, but the mindset is there!

The model itself has a nice shape, but doesn’t exactly fit what normally people would see as low-poly; it’s more retro if anything.

Things I personally would suggest are defining it’s layers (e.g. there’s a barrel, but its thickness is similar to the cylinder, which doesn’t exactly make sense)

Rounding out the edges (beveling) would also do work in helping with the ‘low-poly’ feel.

If you made this in studio, I’d suggest some more usage of wedges and cylinders. If you made it in blender, I definitely would suggest bevels and more complex shapes (let your imagination run wild a bit if you have to, don’t be stuck in the constraints of a single reference image!)

Otherwise, it looks pretty good for a beginner! Keep it up, you’ll definitely get there one day!

My overall rating would be 4/10


You should try to round the edges a little and make the details on the revolver stand out more.