Feedback on my Boeing 757-200 airliner

Hi everybody!
I recently finished an aircraft that I modelled in Blender. Its the first proper thing I’ve actually completed in Blender and the first time I’ve tried texturing.

I made it for my friend’s airline group as a prop for people to look at, so I tried to keep it as low-poly as I could while keeping sufficient detail through PBR texturing (for optimisation - airport games tend to be quite laggy). The whole thing has about 18,000 tris.

Here’s some images of it, along with a few liveries that I created for it:

How do you like the aircraft and its liveries? How can I improve? Please let me know!

I’ll be back with more detailed aircraft soon(ish), so stay tuned!


Looks quite good! I think one door may be missing but I am not 100% sure


Thanks for your feedback!

I had a quick look and I think the extra door is on the newer versions of the B752. The type I modelled is based on the version from the 1980s (since it’s for a group based around retro airlines).

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Ah ok, some of the images I found online had extra doors but some didn’t, the first one i could actually see the side in did.

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You did a great job considering it’s your first time attempting texturing. Although I don’t think you should “keep it as low-poly” as possible. Don’t limit yourself.


Thanks! :slight_smile:
Hopefully I’ll have a much higher detail aircraft done soon for my WIP flight simulator.


Oh it looks so sick i am kinda impressed by your work

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This looks so good! Is this for game? (I’m from the group)

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Hi! Your airliner looks very good. I like how detailed it is.

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