Feedback on my Broken's helpful tools[Released]

Edit: Here is the plugin if you want to try it out
So I made a plugin that is helpful for players here are videos of it:


What should I add to it

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It looks helpful, good job! I think you should have better gui design since it doesn’t look good.

Instead of telling them that it doesn’t look good give them feedback on how to make it look good.

It seems like an interesting concept, the function of the plugin. What I do think need some work on is the UI a bit, it looks too basic. You should try and adding a cleaner look to it with more professional looking font and background color.

I think you should re-work the UI of the plugin. The plugin works as intended and as its name says, it’s useful. There’s always room for improvement, good job.

I will try to do work on a gui update :smiley:

The release is buggy and doesn’t really work which I have fixed these issues

Now 0.0.2 fixed some bugs and now it should work