Feedback on my build of "The Maze Runner"

Hello! So I recently decided to turn one of my favourite movies, “The Maze Runner”, into a game! I want some feedback on the structure. I didn’t try to attempt to make the trees look better because I don’t want people to focus on the trees. I tried to place everything in the correct place. I’m 100% sure I didn’t. I am not finished and I do not have the homestead complete yet. Here are some of the screenshots:

The Maze (Inside)

The Maze Entrance

Bonfire, Fighting Circle, Newt and Thomas' Chat, and Hammocks

Tree House/ Lookout Tower

The Box

Name Wall

Here is the game link so you can check it out yourself!

That’s all I have so far! I’ll update when I complete the Homestead and the Map of the Maze. Thanks for reading!


Good work! The box looks really nice