Feedback on my build that I made for the Roblox builder challenge?

Ok, so I get that it’s already too late to make any last-minute changes, but I just wanted to get some feedback for this build that I could use later. What could I have done different to make this build better is what I’m asking.


I love the chill vibe coming out of this. I wasn’t familiar with the builder challenge but to what I see I think it looks like an aquarium.


It’s your interpretation, so it’s hard for anyone else to know exactly what you were going for and offer advice on what you could have done differently in order to more closely match what you had envisioned. Often what you’ll get is suggestions that would make it look more like what someone else might have had in mind.

What did you think of the challenge? Was it fun to build this map? Is there any part of it that you are particularly happy with how it turned out (or disappointed with)? Were there any big obstacles you had to overcome? Did you have enough time to do with it what you wanted?

I think it looks nice. It has a little bit of a Minecraft vibe to me. I could see it as a map in any number of different kinds of games. I like how your trees turned out–at least as far as the silhouettes are concerned (tree-like and lots of variety). All the cool colors make it seem very tranquil.

Looking over the criteria they gave for selecting the winners:

  • Consistency of environment (i.e. assets feel like they are made of the same materials and from the same world)
  • Variety of points of interest (i.e. different zones or sub areas with unique points of interest within)
  • General aesthetic qualities (e.g. color choice, density, focus of interest, etc.)
  • Creative solutions to limitations within the engine

I think you did well with the first one.
Are there different points of interest? It’s hard to tell from these photos. It looks like there is a land bridge over the stream in the last image, but possibly you could’ve found more ways to highlight spots like that.
The general aesthetic is pleasing. The “density” and “focus of interest” could be places where you could add improvements. The map looks uniformly spaced on the whole, which makes it seem less dense than it could have been and also makes it difficult to pick out a point of focus.
Did you run into any limitations that required a creative solution?

Thanks for sharing. I wish there were a dedicated thread for these since there were probably quite a few people who put in a lot of time on this. Keep up the good work!