Feedback on my build

Currently I am trying to improve my building skills so I decided to make a room for 2 people, tell me how can I improve also how do you rate it out of 10.



The bedroom looks quite nice! I like the bed and the desk, however I feel like the bed is a bit high concidering the height of your character.

One way you could keep tabs on the sizing of things like furniture and walls is by going to your toolbox and spawning in a Zombie (made by roblox) to compare the size of things your making. Good job on the small roof in the second picture, (I honestly stuggle with making roofs).

I’d rate the build roughly a 6 or 7 out of 10.


It does need quite an improvement.

I’d suggest lower the bed, make the lamp with a shade on it, and make the pillows more detailed with a mesh or union, as well as make the glass a little more visible. The carpet does need a bit more blending into the floor, for example, making the edges look a bit more detailed. I’d also suggest making the door a sliding door instead of a door. (The window pillars should have a material and or texture) Desk and dresser looks amazing and clean!

For the outside, I highly suggest you make the legs of the chairs more sophisticated, that goes for the chair itself too. The pool, looking great! You should add a red outline around it, then the concrete to signal its a pool. Walls look good, need more detail, same with the door.

Even though it does require a ton of improvement, I’d still rate it a 7/10 considering how the basis of it is good.

This is all just suggestions and thoughts by the way :slight_smile:

Good luck with your building!

The whole interior is very nice. The backyard and the pool side looks very good. You did an Awesome Job.

One thing you should do next time is make the beds and wardrobe look a bit modern.

I will give a 9 out of 10.

Ok thank you, I will keep it in mind the next time.

Thank you, I will try to keep it in mind since I am trying to improve my building skills.

Okay thank you a lot for your feedback.

nice hotel build! in my view, your build looks like it was made in 2016-2017 rather than 2021 (i’m not saying that it’s bad, in fact it’s nice, but it’s just how i see it as).

question, are you going to add anything into the other rooms like this one?
2021-10-26 (3)

for your build, the only problems that i see are something wrong with the pool here
and the bedroom light here
2021-10-26 (2)

but other than those 2 things, everything’s good overall!

my rating: 8/10

Okay thank you, and yes I will add more furniture to it.

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Wow the house is nice but the outside give those sitting things a little spacing

May look better!

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Okay thank you, I will do it, thank you for your feedback.