Feedback on my building skills

i have like, a couple weeks of experience after i just started using roblox studio for fun. this is my first devforum post, that should be telling enough

I’m not gonna lie I think it’s pretty swag for having come from a baseplate given how and when I started building (out of literally nowhere, just recently)

Clearly not finished, I’m just getting started. I was just eager to hear what people thought and also eager to post something on the developer forum although I’m scared of it

No toolbox models were used, all the building you see is completely my own. Toolbox models were used only for inspiration and to understand things like number sequences on particle emitters for the torches

I think it sucks gameplay-wise. You just climb up stairs. It’ll really be exploration-based. It’s the scenery and design you have to focus on to appreciate this. If you’re looking for actually good gameplay experiences then calling me a developer at all is being generous.


It looks good!
I really like the heaven/dark look to the stairs but the castle is pretty empty at the moment

A few suggestions and opinions I have:
Note: I’m not much of a builder

  • Judging by the fact that there are paths leading off of the fountain in the center, you’re probably thinking about decorating the inside of the castle/expanding, which would be cool! You could add booths, decorations, and other random objects to fill up the space and match the theme. Small decorations can really make a difference.

  • The castle is just kind of square, which in my opinion doesn’t look too good. You could maybe change it by doing the same thing you did with the arch but on the corners of the castle.

  • If it fits the theme, you could add scenery like trees, bushes, rocks, and streams around the castle.

  • The lighting is dull at the moment and lighting can make a big difference. I’m not too good with lighting, but for starters, you could probably change the lighting to “Future” (Lighting > Appearance > Technology > Future) and look up a lighting tutorial on YouTube or the Dev Forums.

  • As an optional but cool addition, you could create towns/villages or resting spots off to the side of the stairs leading to the top.

Overall, the build has some room for improvement, but I know there’s much more to come. Good job on it so far!

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those are just the spawnpoints actually, i do want to put more around there though, but i’m really not sure what yet

what exactly is “the same thing i did with the arch?”

Yeah, I don’t know a single thing about that. What exactly are those tutorials on? Just settings you can change to make lighting look better?

Yeah, I planned on doing something like that, and even more interestingly which is revealing of the sort of underlying theme here:
The ultimate goal is for this to be a sort of surreal, dream-like landscape, with my biggest influence being the PC game Yume Nikki.
My plan was to make each sort of island around the starting area have its own little theme to the buildings on it, all very different from each other, much like Yume Nikki, the source of inspiration, with its areas that vary wildly from each other.
Not much progress has been made in that factor, though. Right now it just looks like normal building.

After rereading I realize I may have interpreted this wrong
Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m doing, actually

Sorry for not being more clear, I didn’t know how to explain it properly. I meant the arch of the gate, how it curves over at the top. But instead, just have the corners of the castle curve and not just be a 90-degree turn.


Note: I’m not that good with lighting but the things below should still work

Ah, okay. The only tips I could give for that are

  • To add a Blur Effect to Lighting to get more of a dreamy aesthetic. You can change the blur intensity by going into its properties and changing the “Size” property. Or you could mess around with Bloom.

The ones below require coding.

  • When you enter certain areas, Like a heaven-style area, the bloom’s properties change to something like Intesity = 1, size = 25, Threshold 0.5. This would make it quite bright but you could play around with the properties to get a better result. All of this could be done inside of a local script.

  • Add different background music for each area that fits the theme of them.

I quite like the idea of your build! I hope to see updates :slight_smile:

How would the towers be placed then?

Which is black magic to me right now. I would have to learn from the ground up.

Well, I wasn’t quite considering anything like this! This game was kind of designed around the basis of requiring zero scripting because I’ve never touched a piece of code in my life. I really wasn’t considering any music-related things in the game, mostly because good music is just a hard thing to achieve now without spending hours looking through the terrible audio section of the creator store.
As for the bloom properties… that’s definitely something I’d have to consider based on what exactly I’ll be putting in the game, which I’m not really sure about yet.

You would just have to resize the walls a bit and leave an empty area where you would place the curving parts.

Heres what I mean by curving parts:


The scripting part you don’t necessarily have to do yourself. You can just search up a couple of simple tutorials for a couple of simple things. If you plan on doing it, I could make the script for you.

It’s all your choice! These are all just my suggestions. Go with whatever you want to do :slight_smile: !

I took your advice, and I decided to make the towers cylindrical. How does it look?

Your building skills look good! Nice job on these builds!

Looks pretty good :wink:
Keep up the hard work !!

Would a day-night cycle fit this game?

(forgive the cursors)

I actually quite like the view of some places during the daytime. I will prioritize the night though; I have Realism Mod’s settings at 4 real-world minutes of day, 12 minutes of night.
It looks pretty cool, but I feel it would ruin the feeling of “walking into the stars” that the game aims to evoke.

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